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Mrs Mortier presents her Compliments to Mrs Washington has been Informed that some Intercepted Letters mention her being indisposed and that she finds a difficulty in procuring some Necessary Articles for her recovery. Mrs M: has taken the liberty to…

Mrs Washington will be glad to know if the cotton for the counter pins was wove and whitend, - how many yards was there of it, how many counter pins will it make - she desired Milly Posey to have the fine peice of linning made white how is Betty has…

                                                                   Philada January 16, 1781

Dr. Madam,- The Jeweller promises me to have the bracelets done in a few days. I have begged him to take the utmost pains to set them neatly ... As no foreign glasses were to be had, I have moulded some of the best glass I could find and got a Lapidary to polish them; which, I hope will not be inferior to those made abroad. I have cut the Pictures to one size, and mean to go a little further than you are pleased to direct - That is to have spare loopholes for occasional use as a Locket, and the additional expense in inconsiderable.

Respectfully yours
C.W. Peale
Mrs Martha Washington…

Sir                                               New Windsor December the 26th 1780

I send my miniature pictures to you and request the favor of you to get them set for me - I would have them for Braceletts to wear round the wrists - the picture already set I beg you to have cut the same size as the other two and set as I may make a pair of either of the three pictures - the dimonds may be set in a pin for the hair - I would have the three pictures set exactly alike - and all the same size - if you have no crystals your self if they can be had in the city I beg you to get them for me - I would like to have them set neat and plain - and will be much obliged to you to hurry the person that undertakes the doing of them as I am very anxious to get them soon -

I am Sir your most obd
and Hble ser
Martha Washington

in the Box three
pictures - 2 half Joes, 2 small pieces of

Mrs Washington present her compliments to Mrs Powel, - and sends the piece of Nett that was left in her care by Mrs Fitzhugh, - Mr Lee has promised, to be carefull of it, and to deliver it himself, -

Mrs Washington begs the favor of Mrs…

Morristown May 1780

Mrs Washington presents her compliments to Colo Webb and thanks him for his polite invitation; but She will not have it in her power to wait upon him.

Colo Webb
Mrs Washingtons…