George Washington as the French Knew Him

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  • George Washington as the French Knew Him

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George Washington as the French Knew Him


Martha Washington and the Revolutionary War


Gilbert Chinard, ed. and trans.


Princeton University Press







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Chinard, Gilbert, ed. and trans. George Washington as the French Knew Him. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1940.

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Quotations and Notes

“[Valley Forge, late February 1778]…From Lancaster, we proceeded directly to Valley-Forge, where we arrived on the 23d of February. On the next day, I had the honor of being presented to Genl Washington, and to dine with him that day, and the next….I had frequent opportunities of seeing him, as it was my duty to accompany the Baron when he dined with him, which was sometimes twice or thrice in the same week. We visited him also in the evening, when Mrs Washington was at Head-quarters. We were in a manner domesticated in the family….In the midst of all our distress, there were some bright sides to the picture, which Valley-Forge exhibited at that time. Mrs. Washington had the courage to follow her husband in that dismal abode; other ladies also graced the scene….They often met at each others quarters, and sometimes at General Washington’s, where the evening was spent in conversation, over a dish of tea or coffee. There were no levees or formal soirees; no dancing, card-playing, or amusement of any kind, except singing. Every gentlemen or lady who could sing, was called upon in turn for a song. As I had a tolerable voice, and some knowledge of music, I found myself of consequence in these reunions. I soon learned the favorite English songs, and contributed my share to the pleasures of the company….” (14, 16)

Claude Blanchard -- “On the 20th we stopped at Alexandria…General Washington’s residence…is situated between Colchester and Alexandria. Mrs Washington is a woman of about fifty years of age; she is small and fat, her appearance is respectable. She was dressed very plainly and her manners were simple in all respects; she had with her three other ladies, her relations….In the evening, we left her respectable company after having spent a very agreeable and truly interesting day.” (67)

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