Letter, to Burwell Bassett, December 22, 1777

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  • Letter, to Burwell Bassett, December 22, 1777

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Letter, to Burwell Bassett, December 22, 1777


Martha writes to her brother-in-law Burwell after the death of her sister, Anna Maria Dandridge Bassett. She offers to raise her niece Fanny at Mount Vernon.


Martha Washington


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994


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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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Rosenbach Museum and Library, Philadelphia, PA.

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My Dear Sir                              Mount Vernon December 22d 1777

I doe most sincearly lement and condole with you, on the loss of our dear departed Friend she has I hope made a happy exchange - and only gon a little before us the time draws near when I hope we shall meet never more to part - if to meet our departed Friends and know them was scertain we could have very little reason to desire to stay in this world where if we are at ease one hour we are in affliction days

Lett me beg of you my Dear Brother to consider your one indisposition and indevor to be a comfort to your friends that are now about you - nothing in this world do I wish for more sincerly than to be with, but alass I am so situated at this time that I cannot leve home - my dear sister in her life time often mentioned my taking my dear Fanny if she should be taken away before she grew up - If you will lett her come to live with me, I will with the greatest plasure take her and be a parent and mother to her as long as I live - and will come down for her as soon as I come from the northward, - the General has wrote to me that he cannot come home this winter but as soon as the army under his command goes into winter quarter he will send for me, if he does I must go, if he does not, I will come down as soon as Nelly Custis gets well she is hear and Expect every day to be brought to bed - is the reason I cannot come down at this time - my Dear sister for the last three or four years of her life could have but very little pleasure her health was such that must render her life a misere to herself and a very great affliction to her friends - which I hope will in some measure reconcile you to your very great loss of her, - I must one to you that she was the greatest favorite I had in the world - it will always give me the greatest pleasure, if I could be useful1 to you or the children in any thing - be pleased to let me know - I have often wished that fortune had plased us nearer to each other - and particularly at this time when I should have it in my power to take care of the Dear children - I hope Mrs Stith or Mrs Aylett will stay with you for that purpose at least for a sort time - I sincearly wish your recovery and pray god to enable you to support yourself under your great affliction - and bless your children - I am with love to them and all inquiring Friends

My Dear Brother your ever
Martha Washington

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