Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, February 25, 1788

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  • Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, February 25, 1788

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Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, February 25, 1788


Martha Washington


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994


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Joseph E. Fields, editor


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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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My Dear Fanny                                 Mount Vernon February 25th 1788

I was very happy to hear by the Major that you arrived at Eltham without accident and that he left you very well with your friends. I hope you have continued to be so since he came away - as you know that Business is the cause of his leving you. I trust that you will endeavor to reconcile your self to his absence, as you are very sencible that if he does not attend to his affairs he will get nothing done & if his people does not make bread how will he be able to pay the taxes if nothing else is wanting he is very well and we all think he is growing fatt - we have not a single article of news but pollitick which I do not conscern myself about - I wish you could see the papers that comes hear every week as you are fond of reading them - I wrote a long letter to you before the arrival of the Major hear - indeed I was sorry to hear by him that it had not come to your hands- as I think I had written it long enough for it to have got to you before he come away -

Mr Porter and Miss Ramsay was marred on shrove tuesday - and Mr Lear says she looked handsomer the next morning than ever he see her Mrs Jenifer wrote to Mr Stuart some days after that she looked charmingly I have not been to see her, or Mrs West yet but intend to goe to see them as soon as I can get out we have had a remarkable cold winter hear - the snow has never been off the ground since you left us - besides the very cool winds has made it very disagreeable to goe out. Doctor crack was hear today I asked him how Mrs West was he said very well - but a little sick at times with a smile Mrs Jenifer has not been to see me since you went away - Major Wagener has been ill which was a means to carry her home from the new marred folks sooner than she intended to leve them -

My Dear little children have all been very well, till today my pritty little Dear Boy complains of a pain in his stomach. I hope it proceeds from cold as he is much better than he was some months agoe and a good nights sleep I trust will carry of his complaints altogether - I cannot say but it makes me miserable if ever he complains let the cause be ever to trifeling - I hope the almighty will spare him to me -

The General did not goe up the river as he intended he got a bad cold and the dismal weather togather prevented - tho he set out satterday with an intention to reach Mr Fairfaxes that night but some disapointment in fixing the day caused him to turn back and the Colo seemed to bear his disapointment with tolearable patience - and often said he thought himself quite as well by the fire side at Mt Vernon as he should be at the Shenandoah.

The General is very well - as to myself I am as usal - neither sick or well - the major talked of leveing this about the tenth of march you have just time enough to consider if you should want any thing that I have I can assure my Dear Fanny that it would give me great pleasure to send her anything that would add to her pleasure or happyness

Our compliments and love are offered to your father and all Friends with you

and believe me my Dear
Fanny your most
M Washington

From Mrs M.Washington
Feb ry 1788

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