Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, June 8, 1789

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  • Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, June 8, 1789

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Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, June 8, 1789


Martha Washington


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994


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Joseph E. Fields, editor


Published version of manuscript document

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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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My dear Fanny                                                                (June 8, 1789)

I have the pleasure to tell you, that we had a very agreable journey, - I arrived in philadelphia on fryday after I left you without the least accident to distress us, were met by the President of the state with the city troop of Horse and conducted safe to Grays ferry, where a number of Ladies and Gentlemen came to meet me, - and after a cold colation we proceed to town, - I went to Mr. Morrises - the children was very well and chearfull all the way, Nelly complained a very little of being sick - as soon as I could I sent for the stay maker and gave him your measure and directed him to send the stays to Colo Biddle, when done to be sent to you, - also two pair of shoes of a new fashioned kind those with Low Heels are for you, those with the high heels is for Mrs. Stuart, with a pr apiece for the two dear little girls - all which I hope has come to your hands before this

I set out on Monday with Mrs Morris and her two Daughters and was met on wednesday morning by the President Mr. Morris and Colo H at Elizabethtown point with the fine Barge you have seen so much said of in the papers with the same oars men that carried the P. to New York - dear little Washington seemed to be lost in a mase at the great parade that was made for us all the way we come - The Governor of the state meet me as soon as we landed, and led me up to the House, the paper will tell you how I was complimented on my landing - I thank god the Prdt is very well, and the Gentlemen with him are all very well, - the House he is in is a very good one and is handsomely furnished all new for the General - 1 have been so much engaged since I came hear that I have never opened your Box or directions but shall soon have time as most of the visits are at an end - I have not had one half hour to myself since the day of my arrival, - my first care was to get the children to a good school, which they are boath very much pleased at ... as no other kind of cushing are worne hear but the crape cushing, or the Hair draped like one I did not send one for you - all the genteel people say Crape cushing is not proper to send to you - but I think in the country where you cannot have a hair dresser they will do very well - My Hair is set and dressed every day - and I have put on white muslin Habits for the summer - you would I fear think me a good deal in the fashion if you could but see me - My dear Fanny send me by some safe convance my Black lace apron and handkerchief they are in one of my drawers in the chest of drawers in my chamber and some thread lace or joining nett it is in one of the Baskets on the shelf in my closet they were fine net Handkerchiefs which I intended to make cap boarders off - I think I shewed it to you and told you I intended to make a border of them - if my Black Handkerchief is not in the drawer Charlot knows where it is to be found - I should think that there could not be any impropriety in Hariot’s to see her cousin whenever she desires it - Remember me to all and believe me your most affectionate -

M Washington

give my love to
Harriot and send
me the measure of
her foot

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