Letter, Martha Washington to Elizabeth Ramsay, December 30, 1775

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  • Letter, Martha Washington to Elizabeth Ramsay, December 30, 1775

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Letter, Martha Washington to Elizabeth Ramsay, December 30, 1775


Martha Washington and the Revolutionary War


Martha writes to Elizabeth Ramsay after her arrival at the Army's headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, providing observations about Boston and its environs.


Martha Washington


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994


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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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Dear Miss                             Cambridge December the 30th 1775

I now sit down to tell you that I arrived hear safe and our party all well - we were fortunate in our time of setting out as the weather proved fine all the time we were on the road - I did not reach Philad till the tuesday after I left home, we were so attended and the gentlemen so kind, that I am lade under obligations to them that I shall not for get soon. I dont doubt but you have see the Figuer our arrival made in the Philadelphia paper - and I left it in as great pomp as if I had been a very great somebody

I have waited some days to collect something to tell, but alias there is nothing but what you will find in the papers - every person seems to be cheerful1 and happy hear, - some days we have a number of cannon and shells from Boston and Bunkers Hill, but it does not seem to surprise any one but me; I confess I shudder every time I hear the sound of a gun - I have been to dinner with two of the Generals, Lee and Putnam and I just took a look at pore Boston & Charlstown - from prospect Hill Charlestown has only a few chimneys standing in it, thare seems to be a number of very fine Buildings in Boston but god knows how long they will stand; they are pulling up all the warfs for firewood - to me that never see any thing of war, the preparations, are very terable indeed, but I endever to keep my fears to myself as well as I can.

Your Friends Mr Harrison & Henly are boath very well and I think they are fatter than they were when they came to the Camp - and Capt Baylor is as lusty man to what he was when you see him - the girls may rest sattisfied on Mr Harrisons account for he seems two fond of his country to give his heart to any but one of his virginia Friends, thare are but two young Laides in Cambridge, and a very great number of Gentlemen so you may gess how much is made of them - but neither of them is pretty I think,

This is a beautyfull country, and we had a very plasant journey through New england, and had the plasure to find the General very well we came within the month from home to the Camp

I see your Brother at Princeton he was very well but did not talk of comeing home soon

Please to give my love and good wishes to your Mamma & grandmamma, Mr Ramsay and Family, my compliments to all enquiring Freinds, the good gentlemen that came with me up to Baltimore, and Mrs. Herbert - in which the General and Mr & Mrs Custis' joins, please to remember me to Mr & Mrs McCarty and Family

I am Dear Miss your most
Friend and Servt
Martha Washington

Miss Ramsay
In Alexandria

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