Mercy Otis Warren Papers, 1709-1841

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  • Mercy Otis Warren Papers, 1709-1841

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Mercy Otis Warren Papers, 1709-1841


Papers of Mercy O. Warren, author and patriot
from Mass., contain loose correspondence (1709-1841) and her
letterbook containing copies of her outgoing letters from
1770-1800. Loose correspondence includes letters among her
husband James and sons Winslow, George, Henry, and Charles,
and with Samuel A. Otis, Benjamin Lincoln, Elbridge Gerry,
and James Freeman. Recipients of her letterbook copies
include Abigail and John Adams, Martha Washington, Catherine
Macaulay, and members of her family. Among the topics covered
are Warren's opinions on the political climate before,
during, and after the Revolution; brewing hostilities with
England; news of the Revolution, especially to her son
Winslow while he was abroad; the formation of a new
government; state politics, in particular her husband's
career; and her political satires, dramas, and other
(Cont'd) Also included in the collection are
Winslow Warren's letters home and journals kept while in
France (1781-83) and Portugal (1784-85), fragments of her
dramatic writings, and copies of her poems.
On microfilm, 2 reels, P-20.
Winslow Warren letters and journals (1781-85) on
microfilm, 1 reel, P-355.
Warren, Charles, 1942.
Unpublished guide in the Library.
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Mercy Otis Warren Papers, 1709-1841, Massachusetts Historical Society.

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