The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786

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  • The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786

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The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786


Dandridge and Custis Families


The parish records of St. Peter's Parish, church of both the Dandridge and Custis families during the first half of the eighteenth century. It is probable that Martha Dandridge met her first husband, Daniel Parke Custis, there.


C.G. Chamberlayne, ed.


Virginia Division of Purchase and Printing




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Chamberlayne, C.G., ed. The Vestry Book and Register of St. Peter's Parish, New Kent and James City Counties, Virginia, 1684-1786. Richmond: Division of Purchase and Printing, 1937.

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1731/9/29 Vestry:

"To major Dandridge for the Copie of 2 Lists of Tythables"1735/10/5 Vestry:

"At the Petition of William Paisley an Overseer of the High Road from the Old Church to Mr. Chamberlaynes Ordinary, That he have...Major Dandridge's [along with a long list of other parishioners] Tithables at the old Quarter and upon the River"

1735/9/29 Vestry:

"Major John Dandridge is chosen Church Warden in the Room of Captain Jos[eph?]: ffoster"

John Dandridge listed as Church Warden along with one David Pattison

1736/9/29 Vestry:

"To Major John Dandridge Copy 2 Lists Titheables & for a Copy of a Deed...80 pounds Tobacco"

1737/10/8 Vestry:

"To Major John Dandridge his Account....279 pounds tobacco" (252)

"That Major John Dandridge & Captain Mich[ell?] Sherman be Continued Church Wardens for the Ensuing Year" (254)

1738/10/2 Vestry:

"That Captain Richard Littlepage & Mr. Ambrose Dudley be Chosen Church Wardens for the Ensuing year in the Room of Major John Dandridge & Captain Mich[] Shermon & accordingly Sworn this Day before Colonel William Macon" (256)

Dandridge at this point becomes a vestryman. He continues to appear in most account lists (often for recording lists of titheables).

1740/4/12 Vestry:

"Mr. Daniel Parke Custis was this Day Sworn a Vestryman & took the Oaths appointed by Law instead of the Oaths of Allegiance & Supremacy before Major Joseph Foster one of his Maties Justices of the Peace for this County & Subscribed the Test"

"Whereas the Minister & Vestry of this Parish have Agreed with Mr. William Walker of the Parish of St. Paul in the County of Stafford Builder to Erect & Build A Steeple & Vestry Room according to a Plan Delivered into the Vestry drawn by the Said Walker for the Consideration of One hundred & thirty Pounds at times to be Paid[.]
Ordered that the Churchwardens in Company with Major Joseph ffoster & Major John Dandridge do meet at Some Convenient time to Execute mutual Bonds between them the Churchwardens & the Said Walker together with his Security the Reverend Patrick Henry for the Performance of the Contract"

1740/9/29 Vestry:

"That Colonel Daniel Parke Custis & Mr Walter Clopton be Chosen Churchwardens for the Ensuing Year & were Accordingly Sworn" (265)

John Dandridge continues in the role of vestryman at this point. Both continue to appear in account lists, for example on 9/29/1741: "To Colonel Custis his Account 1 pound/4 shillings/0 pence in Tobacco at Ditto [2 pence]....144 [lbs. tobacco].......To Major John Dandridge his Account....311 [lbs. tobacco]" (267)

Also on 9/29/1741, a rather humorous entry: "That the Church Wardens [i.e. including DPC] be impowered to Employ Some Person to ffree the Church Yard & all about it from all Rubbish fflith & Nastiness" (269)

1742/6/3 Vestry:

"That Colonel Daniel Parke Custis be Desired to Agree with Some Workmen for Erecting the font" (270)

"That the Church Wardens together with Major Foster & Major Dandridge Settle the Accounts with Captain Richard Littlepage for all the Tobacco in his hands as Collector" (271)

1742/9/29 Vestry:

"To Colonel Custis for freeing the Church Yard & bringing the font....150 [lbs. tobacco]"

"That Colonel William Macon Major Joseph Foster Colonel Custis & Major Dandridge or any two of them Agree with Mr. Edward Russell towards Repairing the Spire & Erecting Dormant Windows for the Steeple" (274)

Also, new wardens are elected at this meeting; Custis goes back to being a vestryman (alongside Dandridge).

1743/11/17 Vestry:

"...Captain Massie Appearing Accordingly was this Day Sworn before Colonel William Macon & Colonel Daniel Parke Custis two of his Maties Justices of the Peace for the County of New Kent & after Captain Massie was Sworn the Vestry Proceeded to Appoint the Several Persons to Procession the Lands as the Law Requires & Ordered them to be Recorded in the Processioning Book" (279)

1744/9/29 Vestry:

John Dandridge again appointed Church Warden (283)

1757/9/29 Vestry:

"Mr. Lewis Webb, & Mr. Izard Wilkinson, are Chosen Vestry-Men, to Serve in the Room of Colonel Daniel Parke Custis, Deceased and Mr. John Lewis, who is Remov'd out of the Parish." (333-334)

"Order'd. That Richard Crump, have five of Madam Custis's Male Tiths, from the Brick House, & Old Quarter to work upon his Road, And that those Tiths be Excused from working upon any Other Road." (335)

Birth on October 29, 1757 of "Morris Jones -- belonging to Martha Custis" (563)

"Negros Belonging to Major John Custis (viz)

Patty A Mullato Born March the 18th 1709
Patty A Negro Born March the 18th 1709
[ ] a Negro Born May 1713
[ ]obb A Negro Born 7[ber in superscript] 1712
Betty A Negro Born May 1712

[ ]rge A Negro belonging to to Major Custis Born April the 18th 1714"


See pp. 426-428; list of deaths in register includes 10 slaves of John Custis

"This indenture made the Twenty Seventh Day of April Anno Domini 1738 Between Major John Dandridge & Captain Mitchell Shermon Church Wardens of St. Peters Parish for the time being in the County of New Kent of the one Part & John Lightfoot of the Parish & County Aforesaid: of the other Park WITNESSETH that Whereas it is made manifestly appear that Ann Holt a Mullatto Woman was Delivered of a female Bastard Child the 30th Day of January in the year of our Lord 1731 named Delph Holt AND WHEREAS at a Court held for New Kent County the Ninth Day of March Anno Domini 1737 on the Motion of Mr. John Lightfoot & on the Evidence of Mr. Wade Netherland it was Ordered that the Church Wardens of the Parish Aforesaid Should Bind & Put out the Said Delph Holt an apprentice or Servant to the Said John Lightfoot & his Heirs untill She Shall attain to the full & Compleat Age of Twenty one years from the Day of her Birth as by an Act of Assembly in that Case made & Provided Reference being thereunto had may more fully & at Large appear NOW WE the above named John Dandridge & Mitchell Shermon Church Wardens of the Aforesaid Parish of St. Peters Do Pursuant to the Aforesaid Order & by Vertue of these Presents Sett & Put the Said Delph Holt daughter of the Said Ann Holt an Apprentice or Servant to the Aforesaid John Lightfoot his Heirs or Assigns from the Day of the Date of these Presents untill the Said Delph Holt Shall attain to the full & Compleat Age of Twenty one years from the Day of her Birth & with him or them during the Said time truly & faithfully to Serve in all Such Services & Employments as he or they Shall Employ her about without Lett or Gainsay AND the Said John Lightfoot Doth Covenant & agree for himself his heirs &c. to find & Provide for the Said Servant During the Said Time Sufficient Dyett Apparrell Washing & Lodging & to bring her up in the Protestant Religion & to give her at the End of the Said Time three Barrells of Indian Corn & two Suits of Apparell IN WITNESS whereof the Said Partyes have interchangeably Sett their Hands & Seals the Day & yeas above Written
John Dandridge [seal]
Mich[ell] Sherman [seal]
Sealed & Delivered
in Presence of us

Daniel Parke Custis
Jacob Waddill

Recorded by
James Holmes [Clerk] of the Vestry"

[pp. 505-506]

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