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"This Melancholy Scene"


Death of Martha Washington


Ellen McCallister


Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, Annual Report, 1981


Mount Vernon Ladies' Association





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McCallister, Ellen. "This Melancholy Scene." Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, Annual Report, 1981, 13-15.

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From Thomas Law to his son John Law, 5/23/1802

“I have been detained here near three weeks a painful witness of Mrs. Washingtons [sic] sufferings under a fever which terminated her well spent life yesterday at 12 oclock PM—from the beginning she prepared for death, gave advice to her grandchildren sent for the Clergyman & took the sacrament, & at last directed a white gown to be brought which she had previously laid by for the last dress—Fortitude & resignation were display’d throughout, she met death as a relief from the infirmities & melancholy of old age—all she valued in life had been take [sic] from her—I feel unfeigned grief at this loss for marked attention & numerous little kindnesses had created a sincere affection. This melancholy scene conveys a serious lesson to all of us; I fear there is too much truth in the observation of Johnson that Life protracted is protracted woe…On Tuesday I join a real mourner the solemn procession & then bid adieu to this mansion under whose hospitable roof I beheld examples of rectitude & beneficence….our little girl [Law’s daughter Eliza, then about 5 years old] has silently walked about shedding tears & has shewn [sic] real sensibility by never mentg. her Grandmama, who doated [sic] upon her….” (15)



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