Invoice, "Sundry Goods for a Bride," Robert Cary & Company to George Washington, September 20, 1759

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  • Invoice, "Sundry Goods for a Bride," Robert Cary & Company to George Washington, September 20, 1759

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Invoice, "Sundry Goods for a Bride," Robert Cary & Company to George Washington, September 20, 1759


An invoice detailing a wide variety of consumer goods that George Washington ordered for Martha.


Robert Cary & Company


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.


Greenwood Press




Joseph E. Fields, editor




Published version of manuscript document

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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

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Invoice of Sundry Goods to be Shipped by Robert Cary Esqr. & Company
for the Use of George Washington

A Light Summer suit made of Duroy or by the inclosed measure
4 peices best India Nankeen
2 best beaver Hats plain each to cost a Guinea
1 ps of Irish Linnen @ 4/
1 ps of black E Sattin Ribbon
1 Sword-belt of Red morocco leather or buff. N.B.. no buckles or rings.
4 lb. Ivory blacking
2 best [?] bladed knives
1 pair good horse Scissars
A Sammon coloured Tabby of the inclosed pattern with Sattan flowers to be made in a
Sack or Coat.
1 Cap handkerchief, Tucker and Ruffles to be made of Brussels Lace or point proper to
wear wt ye above Negligie to cost £10.
1 ps bag holland to cost 6s
2 flowered Lawn Aprons.
2 stole handkerchiefs
2 pr Womans white silk hose
6 pr. ditto fine Cotton Do
4 pr B thread Do
1 pr. black & 1 pr. White Sattan Shoes of the Smallest Sizes.
4 pr. Callamanca Do
6 pr Woman's best kid gloves
6 pr. Do. Mitts
1 fashionable hat or Bonnet
1/2 dozn.knots & breast knots.
1 dozn Silk Laces
1 black Mask
1 dozn. most fashionable Cambrick pocket handkerchiefs
2 pr. neat small scissars
1 lb sewing Silk Shaded.
114 lb Do cloth - coloured Do
4 ps.binding Tape
6 M Miniken pins
6 M short Whites
6 M Corking pins
1 M hair pins
6 lb perfumed powder
3 lb best scotchsnuff
3 lb best violet Strasburg
2 lb powdered blew
2 oz. Coventry thread 1 of wh. to be very fine
1 ps White Sattin ribbon pearl edge.
1 Case of pickles to consist of Anchovies Capers Olives Salid Oil & 1 bottle India
1 large Cheshire Cheese
4 lb green tea
10 Groce best Corks
25 lb best Jar Raisins
25 lb Almonds in the Shell
1 hogshead best Porter
10 Loaves of dble & 10 of Single refined Sugar
6 strong halters hempen reins
3 best Snaffle bridles
9 best Girths
25 lb brown soap
12 lb best Mustard
2 dozn packs playing Cards
2 Sacks best English Oats
1 dozn painters brushes
11 bushl tares
12 best hand padlocks
18 bell Glasses for Garden
2 more chair bottoms such as were wrote for in a former invoice
1 more Window Curtain & Cornish
8 Busts &ca according to the following directions & measures of Copper Enamel or
Glazed. viz.
1 of Alexander the Great - 1 of Julius Caesar 1 of Charles ye 12 of Sweden & another of
the King of Prussia these all to be of the same size in order to fill up broken
pediments over doors, & not to exceed 15 inches in height nor 10 inches in width.
2 Furious Wild Beasts of any kind, not to exceed 18 inches in length & 12 in higth but
as near that size as may be drawn as if approaching each other & eager to engage at the distance of about 4 feet. to be the same Colour as those above.
Prince Eugene & the Duke of Marlborough of somewhat smaller size than the above to
stand on each end of a pediment wch is carved in this manner
Sundry Small ornaments for a Chimney piece that is 6 feet long and 8 inches wide
100 lb White Bisquet
2 Lanthorns
3 Gallns Rhenish in pint bottles.
25 Yds broad cloth of the inclose Colour to cost about 7/6
15 Yds Course thick Duffle of ye same Colour
6 Yds Do. to cost 8/6
30 Yds red Shaloon
20 dozn white washed Coat buttons
12 dozen waist coat do.
Twist, thread, Silk &c sufficient to make up the above cloth.
40 Yds Course Jeans or fustians for Summer frocks for Negro Servants.
1 pc Irish Linnen 2 1/3
1 pc Dowlas a l0d
1/2 dozen pr course strong thread hose fit for Negro Servants.
6 Caster hats a about 5/
1 dozn pr Course Shoe & knee buckles fit for Do.
2 Postillion Caps
450 Ells Oznaburgs
4 ps brown Rolls
350 Yds Kendal Cottoni
100 Yds Dutch Blankets
2 ps fearnought
8 dozn pr plaid hose Sorted
4 dozn Monmouth Caps
20 lb bro thread
15 Ib best Shoe Makers do
20 Sacks Salt
2 Casks 3d Nails
2 Do 10d Do
10 M 20d Do
20 M 4d Nails
20 M 6d Do
6 Spades
200 lb German Steel
2 dozn best Staples
6 best Whites handsaws
6 best broad axes
6 House Adzes
2 dozn box Gimblets
6 pr Steel Compasses
1 dozn Augers sorted from 2 inches to 112 Do
1 Cowper's Taper bitt
1 Do Croe
1 Do Dowling bitt
1 Do Vice
1 Do pr large Compasses
1 Do Adze
1 do Round Shave
1 Do Howell
1 Wheel Wright's Buz
1 Do large Gouge
1 Do Anter Bitt
2 Dozn pair H's hinges
Joiner's Tools
1 jointer
2 long plains
2 Jack Do
4 Smoothing Do
10 pr hollows & rounds
6 ogees
4 two Square Astricles
3 pr Grooving plains
1 Snipes bill
4 quarter rounds
4 Sash plains
3 beed plains
6 ovalos
1 plow & irons
1 Moving philister
1 Screw Rabbit plain
1 Square Do
3 raising Do
1 Spring Brace & bit compleat
1 Turkey oil-stone
1 handsaw
1 pannel Do
1 tenant Do
1 Compass Do
1 Sash Do
1 dozn firmers
1 Do Gouges
1 rnorticing Chizzels
1 Adze
1 drawing knife
2 pr Compasses
2 Rules
2 Chalk lines
1 small hatchet
2 punches
2 Saw Setts
2 dozn Gimblets
2 dozn plain Irons
6 Rasps 2 of a Sort
2 dozn handsaw fills
2 of Tennant Do
25 lb Clew
2 vent saws
12 inch Chizzles
6 Bottles Turlington Balsarn
8 Oz Spirit of Lavender
1/2 Ib. Ipca: powdered
1/2 Ib. Jalap powdered
12 Oz Venus Treacle
4 Oz best Rhubarb
12 Oz Diascordium
4 Oz pearl barley
4 Ib Sago
4 Oz balsam Capivil
5 Oz liquid Laudanum
5 Oz Spirits Sal Ammoniac
5 Oz Spirits Hartshorn
4 Oz Spanish flies
3 lb Bird lyme
6 lb Oil of Turpentine
2 lb Spirits Do
5 lb White Sugar Candy
10 Ib. Bo Do.
1 lb barley Sugar
2 Ib. linseed Oil Cold drawn
4 Ib. Allum
1 lb Spirma Citi [spermaceti]
4 Oz tincture of Myrrh
4 Oz balsam Sulphur
4 Oz pulvus Basilii
2 Oz. Mer Dulcis
4 Oz. Sal Volatile
10 Ib. hartshorn Shavings
2 Quarts strong Cinnamon Water
2 Quarts Weak Do.
N.B. all liquids to come in double flint bottles.
40 S. worth of Medicines proper for Horses - Among wh let there be
4 Ib. flower of brimstone
4 Ib. Annis seeds
4 Ib. Carthamums
5 Ib. Syrup of Coltsfoot
5 Ib. black Soap
4 Ib. Cummin seeds
4 lb. Fenngreek
2 Ib. juice of Liquorice
3 Ib. long pepper
2 Ib. Diapente
& such other as are most proper

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20th Sepr 1759

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