Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, July 1, 1792

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  • Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, July 1, 1792

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Letter, to Fanny Bassett Washington, July 1, 1792


Martha Washington


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994


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Joseph E. Fields, editor


Published version of manuscript document

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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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My Dear Fanny -                                   Philadelphia July the 1st 1792

I am happy to hear of your letter of June the 25th that you and the children are well - and truly sorry you had not better accounts from the Major when you last heard from him - I hope in god that you have since had more favorable accounts from him - The President has fixed on the 12th to leave this place for Mount Vernon if nothing happens to prevent us - wish my dear Fanny that you would make Frank clanse the House from the garret to the sellers - have all the Beds aird and mended and the Bed cloths of every kind made very clean the Bed steads also well scalded - and the low bed steads put up to be ready to carry out of one room into another as you know they are often wanted. I have not a doubt but we shall have company all the time we are at home - I wish you to have all the chinia looked over, the closet clened and the glasses all washed and every thing in the closet as clean as can be than they will be ready when wanted with much less troable than to have them to look for when ever in hurry they may be wanted.

I do not wish to have the clouded cotten made into chear covers - nor the chares stuffed, or done anything to, till I come home as it is probable that the old covers will last as long as I shall stay home by a vessel that will live this in a day or two - I shall send several articles - that could not be had when we sent the last things round - I hope the major will not hurry him self back if he finds benefit from the mountain air it is of the greatest concequince that his health should be established and I hope he will be very careful in doing as the Doctors directs him - I shall be sorry not to see dear Little Maria if the jaunt is for her good - I must be content. I am glad that Fayette is recovered and hope I shall find you and the children quite well - impress it on the gardener to have every thing in his garden that will be nessary in the House keeping way as vegetable is the best part of our living in the country - I dare say you have made the table cloths as well as they can be done - as to the window curtain and bed curtain they may as well be put up - I shall send a carpit for our parlor so that it will be ready by the time I get there if the vessel lives this on tuesday as we expect

The President has given miss Harriot a guitarr - I have inclosed the key it is sent in the vessel with several other things - I shall be glad to have the little caps made and sent before I live this as I wish to give them to the ladie as soon as done we are all well - Mr & Mrs Lear intend a trip to the eastward when we set out for the southward - the weather is extremely warm hear and has been so for some days past - all hear join me in love to you and children - and believe me my dear

Fanny your most
M Washington

From Mrs. M Washington
July 1st - 1792

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