Teaching Activity: Martha Washington and The American Revolution


Students will be better understand the effect of the Revolutionary on Martha Washington and her family, how sacrifice and suffering touched the lives of women and families, and will understand how she and other women aided in the Revolutionary effort.


Primary sources-found on the Martha Washington site

Computer with Internet access-used to view the short film "Martha Washington and Revolution"


1. Watch the introductory movie together as a class.

2. Allow students time to explore the primary sources collected on the Primary Sources page. These resources have been included because they relate to the impact of the American Revolution on the lives of Martha Washington and her family.

3. Using information from class lectures, textbooks, and the primary sources on this site, have students construct a timeline for Martha Washington during the years 1775-1783. Students should account for Martha’s whereabouts when it is possible, should include her activities when known, and should include personal and family milestones (births or deaths in the family, etc.). Timelines should include at least one entry for each year during the eight-year period. Students should include a paragraph answering the following question: “Were the sacrifices made by Martha Washington and her family typical of colonial Americans? Why, or why not?”