Letter, from John Parke Custis, August 21, 1776

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  • Letter, from John Parke Custis, August 21, 1776

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Letter, from John Parke Custis, August 21, 1776


Jacky reports the birth of his daughter Elizabeth Parke Custis, and discusses the war and events in Virginia.


John Parke Custis


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994


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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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My dearest Mamma                         Mount Airy August 21st. 1776

I have the extreme Happiness at last to inform you, that Nelly was safely delivered this Morning about five oClock of a fine Daughter; and It affords Me much Pleasure that I have an Opportunity of transmitting this agreable News so early, I make not the least Doubt but you will heartily join us in the Pleasure We feel on this Happy Event; I wish you were present. You would be much more pleased, if you were to see the strapping Huzze. The other little One was a mere Dwarf to this,Her Cloths are already too smal for Her. She is in short as fine a Healthy, fat Baby as ever was born;

Poor Nelly had a very indefferent Time, her Pains were two Hours long & very severe. She is now thank God as well as can be expected and the Pleasure her Daughter gives Her. compensates for the Pain She has suffered. She has been fortunate in the Weather. It is now very fine, for ten Days last past We have had nothing but Rainy close Weather, - I cannot pretend to say who the child is like, It is as much like Doctor Rumney as any Body else. She has a double Chinn something like His, in Point of Fatness with fine black Hair, & Eyes, upon the whole I think It is as pretty & fine a Baba as ever I saw. This not my opinion alone, but the Opinion of all who have seen Her - I hope she will be preserv'd as a Comfort, and Happiness to us all.

I have been for some Time past in the state of the greatest Anxiety for the Fate of New York, I confess It has engaged my Thoughts so much, that I have not been able to do Anything, my first Wish was to see Nelly safely delivered, my second (has always been) that the General may obtain a compleat Victory over his Enemys, which I sincerely pray God may be the Case. - I am kept in the crudest State of Uncertainty. I have scarcely had a Letter from New York, the Gen has been much kinder than I expected, but the others have very seldom wrote, - I must beg of you to write me everything you can collect relative to the Army at New York & in Canada, and all other News, by every Post - You may get much Intelligence from Colo. Nelson - 1 am sorry I have Nothing to inform you off, Every Thing being quiet (which is I think the best News) since Dunmore left Us - Mr. Calvert's John is just return'd from Annapolis. It is reported & sworn to by Two Deserters, that Dunmore is dead of the Flux (I wish it may be true.) I wrote to the General the last two Posts. I shall write you again next Post, and ask Him to stand with yourself for my little Lady. My Love to Him in which Nelly joins Me. Nelly, the little Lady & Myself write in Love to you

and am dear Mamma your
most affectionate Son
John Parke Custis

The Family send their
Comp to Nelly's & mine
to Mr. Nelson & Lady & Mr Pleion.
For Mrs Washington
in Philadelphia
Upper Marlbo Augt 23d

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