Letter, to Anna Maria Dandridge Bassett, November 18, 1777

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  • Letter, to Anna Maria Dandridge Bassett, November 18, 1777

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Letter, to Anna Maria Dandridge Bassett, November 18, 1777


Martha relates news about her sister's sons' visit to Mount Vernon, a brief comment about the progress of the war, and other household news.


Martha Washington


Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994




Joseph E. Fields, editor




Published version of manuscript document

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Fields, Joseph E. 'Worthy Partner': The Papers of Martha Washington. Westport, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1994.

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Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

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My Dear Sister                                        November the 18th 1777

I have the very great pleasure of returning, - you your Boys as well as they were when I brought them from Eltham - They have had the small pox exeeding light and have been perfectly well this fortnight past- Mr. Claiborne came up with us and had the small as light as they had, he has been here ever since I came up - his going down determined me to send your sons with him as I think he will be a guide to them on the road and better than they should goe so far by themselves, they have been exeeding good Boys indeed and I shall hope you will lett them come to see me when ever they can spare so much time from school - they have been such good Boy that I shall love them a great deal more than I ever did - I have paid the Doctors £ 9 for them. - and £ 8 for two Hatts [?] which could not be got for less [?] 9/9

I have given to Mr. Claiborne to bare thare expens down - and five seven Dollar Bills I inclose in this letter which is all that is owed - the Doctor's charge is very high but I did not say a word - as he carred the children so well through the small pox -

The last letter I had from the General was dated the 7th of this month - he says he says nothing hath happend since the unsuccessful attack upon our forts on the Dalaware, - the Boys bring the last papers down with them -

Nelly Custis has be over the river this three week - Jack is just come over, he tells me that little Bet is grown as fat as a pigg - Nelly is not well her self -

I was glad to hear that you had got the horse and hope you have before this found great benefet from riding everyday - I have often wished for my dear sister and Fanny, as the small pox was so trifleing with the Boys - believed that it would have been as slight with them I have had all thare cloths washed and rinsed several days - and do veryly believe that they can bring no infection home with them - if you are afraide lett some one who has had the small pox put out thare cloths to air for a day or two in the sun - an Thomas has also been washed and his cloths changed - his cap & shoes he did not ware, when he was sick - I shall be glad you will let me know how the Boys gett down - by Peter who set off today with Jacks mares & colts to carry them down to his quarter in New Kent -

Jack joins me in love to Mr. Bassett your self Dear Fanny and all Friends - I am my Dear sister your sincearly affectionate

Martha Washington

I was sorry to find that I had given away all the Blew satin but this piece Please do give the piece of muslin to Mrs Dangerfield with my Compliments - my compliments and good wishes to Mrs Davis & Mrs. Newman - I hope John Davis has got well of his indisposition - all the Boys Cloths are sent


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