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My Dear Mama,                               Kings-College July 5th (1773)

I have at…

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Madam                                                 Annapolis 21 March 1772

The very bad Weather which prevented almost any Communication and my Expectation that the Means left with Miss Custis are not yet expended occasioned my not sending any more so soon as I designed - I now send by the Post a small Phial to be frequently smelt to as Hartshorne or other Drops commonly used to prevent faitiness and a small Bottle of Ointmt to be applied as before directed - the Decoction I left must be taken if Occasion requires it tho' I hope Nature will perform her Office without. I imagine it will be unnecessary to assure Miss Custis that I have the greatest Hopes her Happiness will be much promoted by regular moderate Exercise, temperate living which she may think Abstemiousness and her being attentive to keep her Body cool and open which last may I hope be effectually done and agreeably to herself by the Use of Barley Water and light cooling Food - Frumenty made of Barley or even of wheat wou'd I think be very proper Food is agreeable to many and perhaps might be so at Times to Miss Custis - I hear that Master Custis said in Annapolis she was better I have great Pleasure in it and should be glad to hear more particularly of her State

I am Madam
Your most obedient Servant
John Johnson…

The Estate of Daniel Parke Custis
       To James Carter & Co

March 29th               To Worm Purges Boy…


                                                                      (September 29, 1760)

__________ I have the pleasure to tell you my dear little girl is much better she has lost her fitts & fevours both and seems to be getting well very fast we carried her out yesterday in the charriot and the change of air refressed her very much ________________


Dear sister                                    June 1st 1760 (Mount Vernon)…

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A bill for a variety of medical supplies and services.…