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Sir October the 8th 1770

As Mr Washington is from home, and I do not Expect him so soon as Mr Christian will be going down. I shall be much obliged to you to pay his account against the children and this shall be a reacept


London, March 1759

To Martha Custis; To charges on seventeen Hogsheads of Tobacco received p The (missing) Colony of Virginia.

(Summary) 13701 Pounds of tobacco were sold to five buyers for £7113..4..6. Expenses of…


Madm                                                      London the 17 July 1759

To our's already wrote you by this Conveyance we Referr, since which your Favour of the 30th April is now before us & your several Drafts to the amount of £1500 we have already Accepted & when due shall punctually be paid-

As the Accot sales & Accot Currt sent p Turner have in all probability miscarried we have now sent the Copy's-

Inclosed is the Charge of Obtaining Letters of Administring to the Receiving the Dividend on the £1650 Bank Stock which Charge £7.7 is to thy Estates Debit - The Bank Directors have as yet not Entered your Power of Atty in their books till they do tho we hope it wont be long we cannot receive the Interest - Mr John Hanbury departed this life the 23d Ulto & while he lived we coud not ask for the Enlargement of your Consignments but now as things are Differently circumstanced we may safely do it & as such we hope in the future to receive all your crops. for it is Evidend the less hands Tobacco goes in the greater Probability there is of keeping up a Living Price & therefore must naturally be productive of our Friends Interest

Are sorry to hear the Crops are so short we hope the Prices will Compensate since little matter for the Difference - We are

                                                      Your most Hum Servt
                                                      Copy Robert Cary & Co
                                                      Mrs. Martha Custis

Cary - 17th July - 1759…

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A bill from the sheriff of New Kent County detailing tobacco levies.…

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Madam                                            Leverpoole Feby 21st 1759

I have before me both your esteemed Favours of 6th June that you had been pleased to favour me wth. The Consignment of Sixteen hhds. Tabo p the Gildart wch Am much oblighed to you & please to be Assured no Pain shall be Spaired in Selling them for your most advantage. as yet there is only 4 of them sold. At 3 p 3 3/4 & 4 P. I am sorry to tell you they are not near of so fine a Quallity as formerly. the many factors that has ever had them knew I had the Honr of being Aployed by the Family would not this year take them unless I would let him pick Wch I refused which was luckey as they have since Advanced and are now from 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 p. you have Inclosed Invoice of Goods to your Order wch hope will be delivered you Safe & to your Satisfaction as every thing is of the best and on the most reasonable terms. Your Bill In favour of Mr. Barthow Dandridge for two hundred Pounds has (illegible) & is to your Debt.

Capt Mulloy has Persuaded me not to send him till the Fall. therefore that I may not loose such of my Friends favours on York River that are inclineable to Ship have ordered Capt. Gaweth of my ship the Johnson to Waite on them. I hope by him to Receive a Share of your favours, which I shall greatly esteem. & am

Yr most Obliged Hum Sert
Jam Gildart

J Gildart

Letter from one of the London agents of the Custis estate, expressing sorrow for the death of Daniel Parke Custis and discussing business…